Biking, Old Town at Three Bay City
issue 5 April 2014

Biking in old town - Prachuapkirikhan

It may be not common to bike in old town, learn history and located so nearby the beach.  However it's not too far for anyone to be there.  Only 100 kilometres from Hua-hin heading to the south, this relaxing atmosphere is waiting for you.

     Some may know this place as "three bays" town. It may not be recognized or famous place. I visit here accidently.  While I'm walking on one of the main road named "Zhu-seuk", I am following Kenny G'song....Going home!  Then I stop in front of  a small local coffee place "Nong Ta Pra Chan".  It's a place that you can find a small corner which may sell your favourite CD.  But the owner, Khun Kulapong also offers you more than that.  

      You will find some bicycle for renting and selling. Khun Kulapong and Khun Chalermphol, his friend (being a teacher and customer in the old day) would like to keep this loving small town as it is. So the biking and visiting old town are designed to connect to each other. They hope that not only Prachuab people will love this town  but also all visitors. 

    Biking and listening history is their ideas to make people know more about Prachuab.  As this town has long history since the II World War.


(Biking team from left to right ...1.Khun Eakkachai  2.Khun Saktrakun

 3. Khun Kulapong   4.Khun Suthipong 5.Khun  Chalermphol)


     Even our conversation is not so long, it make me feel very happy.  The photograph of memory is the best that I could do this time.  But I promise myself that I won't miss the chance to bike and like this town more and more!




Story by : nongmoo

Photo by  : Dio  Chirananda / Mr.Mod