Palmyra Palm Maker at Nhong Sala
issue 5 June 2014

            Pa Kerd (aunty Kean) and Lhung Chom (uncle Chom), Rod Yhou family are the palmyra palm maker here.  We visit them just before the sun is rising.  Pa Kerd is making sugar by using very big fan which is placed on the ball clays stove. She must wait for raw materials from Lhung Chom who needs to claim up on the palmyra palm tree. 

          He must use "Pa-Ong" which is a kind of natural ladder to claim up.  He need to make the palmyra palm ready for a few days before taking raw juice from the tree.  The male tree is good for this purpose.  As the female tree can offer palmyra palm fruit which is more easily to sell to customers.

          Nowaday there are not too much palmyra palm maker left.  Due to their revenue is not compatible to economic situation.  

          But Pa Kerd and Lhung Chom are happy to continue their career as it already helps them feeding their children.  Now they all grow up and don't need any support from parents.  So Pa Kerd and Lhung Chom decide to spend their whole life living with palmyra palm untill end of their breath.


Thank you for family "Rod Yhou" sharing us good story with warming welcome and good, orginal taste of palmyra palm sugar.

Special thanks for "Namo Satu" our friend who leading us to this wonderful place and great experience.          






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