Cha-An Local historian
issue 5 July 2014

What do Cha-Am has , someone always curious

nice sky, clean beach, fresh food, cheap accommodation , this's all 
what people can say
     some might be wonder there 's much more than what  we never know
once we start looking for , local guru suddenly appear to open his mind.
     Teacher Auemporn Topanurakgul  is willing to open our view
to deeply see from the beginning of Cha-Am up to now.
     Thanks for "Cha-Am Fong Kluen Sakdina" by Sornsan pangsapa
old book that we almost forget bring me to see our origin of our hometown,  
     "this book let me see charming side of Cha-Am that I never thought before
even I was born here"  after being working as teacher at Phitsanuloke and Chieng-
Rai, so I get back to get valuable historical side to record to review for the local 
     "I don't want to draw attention for tourist  but I really like local people to wonder 
and to be concious where are we from" there's a lot to say about Cha-am  even the name.
      Since King Naresuan the Great came back from the battle between Burma at 
Hongsavadee ,  settled up his troops at Ban Huey Sai Tai that has has a big pond
so he decided to let his soldiers rested and clean the horse saddles,so people started to call
this area Cha-arn (Cha means clean, arn mean saddle) and then eventually turned
to be Cha-am ever since
     Teacher Urmporn give me her 2 own writing books "Cha-Am in my memory"  and
"Story about Cha-Am" we see from the contents full of articles we never know,
some  we almost forget.
     "more than a week to talk"  sincerely laughed and expressed by  teacher Urmporn
So we try to get her to give us more details so we can come more closer to Cha-Am
     From what we met that can draw anyone who's interested in, can be prepare 
themselves to go back to Cha-Am
    Let's get together to learn so that we can say Cha-am  has a lot more than nice 
sky, clean beach, fresh food, cheap accommodation..

Thitiwat Unatarkan ....story/photographer.... Dio Chirananda

Mongkol Choteruamwong.... Tranalate