No-nay Cha No-nay
issue 5 July 2014

Folk song at Baan Nhongsala Ampur Cha-am Phetchaburi : No-nay Cha No-nay


         Unfamiliar music and lyric comes from lady who is 79 years old.  This song seems liked greeting all visitors.  It is counted as local song for Nam Petch rural under the name of "No-nay Song" and "Pheng Loy".


         There are 2 ways of singing No-naySong and Pheng Loy which are no patern, no internal or external rhyme.  It will totally depend of the singer skill which must use special wording to make last word of the first phrase rhyme to the first word of the second phrase smothly.  This is called KlonHuaDeaw.


          However there is no evidence about the history of No-nay song.  From the assumption, it should be more than 200 years old which was normally be used to sing during Songkran festival.  The other names were known as "Kud Kan" or "Trut Kan". But the No-nay named came from the first wording of song which always started with "No-nay".




Story : web editor / Photo : Dio Chirananda



Special recognition to Baan Nhongsala Original singer, Ampur Cha-am, Phetchburi

1. Mr. Eun Noktien (uncle Eun) 2. Ms. Prachern Noktien (grandmother Prachern) 3. Ms.Prasert Chanyam (aunt Prasert) 4. Ms. Malee chongbunchob (aunt Malee)

Thank you to local speaker and coordinator

1. Ms.Eumporn Topanurakkul (Krue Eumporn) 2. Ms.Fuengfa Namuang 3. Mr.Namo Sathu


1. Reserch and media record of local No-nay folk song, Ampur Cha-am, Phethburi / Ms. Eumporn .... 2008

2. The participation process to revive the No-nay Folk Songs of Nhong-sala community, Cha-am, Phetchburi / Community Management Program, Faculty of Management Sciences, Silpakorn University Phetchburi IT / 2011

3. The Liberal Arts Journal 87, the 4th Year, Issue no. 2 July – December 2012