The smiling of Three bay city
issue 5 August 2014

Khun Pornkunrat Meechokechareonkul, Director of Tourism Promotion Prachuap Municipality Office confident interprets her intention to develop tourism within Prachuap municipality.   The participation of all sectors such as government office, private and people who live in Koh Lak road community can develop this street to become alive same as what is was in the history.  The important thing is to create the impression for all visitors which may mainly come from the cooperation of people in the community.We will create new perception for tourist by promoting community value and local cultural. Due to Prachuap is slowly developed comparing to Hua Hin and Cha-am, Khun Pornkunrat said she is ready to devote her knowledge and ability to make this concept real.
                        Susuk road used be alive and lovely in the past. We need to awake and present it to the world outside .  Also it needs to be prepared how to maintain this and not let it disappear with other beneficiary liked it happened to other area.
                        As leader of Tourism Promotion, Prachuap Municipality Office Khun Pornkunrat had invited Muang Nan Municipality Office to share, learn and suggest the success factor.   Muang Nan Municipality and Muang Uthaithani had made the MoU (memorandum of understanding) in order to develop and promotion the tourism between the province located among the north and north east.  This is the story of success from their experience.

Currently there is a cooperation among “Rak Baan Kao Group”, “Cycling Group”,  “Hua Baan Community”, “Entrepreneurs”,  “Government Office lead by Mr. Wira Siwatthanathrakun, Provincial Governor” and “Prachuap Municipality Office lead by Mr. Kriengrai Kraithong, the mayor”.  The purpose is to ensure good tourism image among Thai and foreigner.  We believe that Prachuap will be soon ready to become another interested place to visit.