Sweet lemon and Big whale
issue 5 September 2014

      Our destination for this trip is Ao Manao, 300 km. away from Bangkok. If you want to escape from busy such as Cha-am and Hua-Hin, this place can be another choice with the location of 100 km. out of Hua-Hin.

       At Wing 5 area, now we are walking along nice beach. There are many activities which offers for tourist selection such as shooting, and riding horse. If you need to fill up energy, you can find the restaurant with less than 5 minutes cycling. You will find good food, cheap price and local taste. After meal, you can take a nap on the beach chair with unbelievable cheap price and safe.      

       Next morning we visit Chao Poh Khoalommuak which has long history since world war ii.Near by there, you can find lot of langurs who always be friendly to all visitors. And it is the time for breakfast of today.

      Our group take a bike to Klongwan morning market to look for recommended menu, boiled rice with PlaTu, grilled pork with sticky rice. A little walk after meal is a must for us. This is a small and local market which you can touch a warm welcome and friendly from them. Around the market, you will also find old thai style of housing. The main population here are fishermen. The price of dried sea product is quite attractive due to cheaper price offered.

       We also have one more activity for today which we missed yesterday.  It  is ATV driving which located in Wing 5. We are offered to hike Khaolommuak which we can enjoy the scenery view of Prachuab Bay to Myanmar border.  However we decide not to take it this time.  Finally we spend a few hour on the beach, swimming and eating.  Until we hear the announcement from Wing 5, we need to stop swimming and the day is end.



Snit Sani....Story / Photo.... Dio Chirananda