Culture Prachuabkhirikhan
issue 5 September 2014

         Chief KroekchaiChatthaitrirong, Prachuabkhirikhan’s Culture Department said that it takes him for long time to understand art.  At first he could decide which picture is nice or not.  But he couldn’t understand what is the Art.He believed that he just started understanding when he joined thePhetchaburi Culture Department as Chief position.

         With his friendly character, make our conversation fill with laughter for nearly 2 hours.  Now he’s working at Prachuab Culture Department.  It is located at PrachuabkhirikhanTownhall.  He would like to combine the culture such as life style, religious, tradition and difference kind of art in Prachuabarea together.  He had the opportunity to set up the place which is opened for an artist performance in Phetchaburi.  People than can visit, study and admire their artist who was born in their hometown.

         When he was assigned to be the chief of Prachuab  Culture Department, his hometown.  He brought his working experience and idea to develop his home town.  The main idea is delivered by GovernorWiraSiwatthanatrakun.  He has the project to build Prachuab’s Art Museam.  This will be the place for all artists to show their portfolio which represent living style, religious and tradition of Prachuab.  It is the opened area for either local people or visitors.  He wants to make this museum alive and has movement all the time.  In order to do so, there must be a committee from various areas.  They need to help taking care this museum which is the property of Prachuab people.  With his long working experience, encourage and help the artist has their own area.  The example is the fair of Three Bay’s Culture Bridge during 21st February – 2nd March 2014.  This fair was admired by lot of Prachuab people.  It is because there are many artists in difference kind joined this fair.

         As a representative of government office, he needs to get to know group of artist and people who is working in difference group of art.  So that he can understand, listen and propose the working plan in the area.  He also has a plan to find the area for teenager to show their performance.  Another project is to preserver Old Thai House Style(Baan Kao) in MuangPrachuab for interested person and next generation.  As it has long history since World War II.

         With his intention and understand in the traditional of each area especially his hometown, Chief Kruekchai has gathered his knowledge day by day. Then he would like to let this culture continue from next generation and also make Prachuab people have their proud on their own hometown.