Chidlom Roasting Plant
issue 20 July 2016


Chidlom Roasting Plant


     I never heard named "Ampur Banpong" before and also

never been there. This is my first time to visit Banpong. 

I was told that there is a good coffee

place hiding there.  So I must come to prove it.



      That coffee place named "Chidlom Roasting Plant".

 My first questions are about where is the name come from?

Is this the same as Chidlom in Bangkok?

Does it move from Chidlom?And why it is named like this? 

All these questions are what I want to know

more than coffee taste.



       Chidlom Roasting Plant located among natural atmosphere.

It is surrounded by pond decorated by the water hyacinth jungle. 

On the right hand side of the pond, there is a fiberglass boat waiting

for those who interest.  It is really good coffee place and also for taking a nap.



     My first question when I meet the owner is

"Why you name it as Chidlom Roasting Plants?".

He answers with laughing that he tried lot of name before. 

Suddenly there was strong wind pass through. 

So he thought that this was the right name. 

Because this roasting place is always covered by blowing wind all the times. 

So there is no connection with Chidlom in  Bangkok at all.

       His 20 years career path starting from he likes, drinks and interests in coffee. 

Then he had the chance to visit the planting area and coffee seed.

He found knowledge by reading and finding more knowledge from Chiang Mai University. 

He ever had a conversation with Khun Wicha Promyong,  legend of Doi Chaang coffee's

success.  It was the conversation about coffee type, how to produce coffee seed and the

roasting way to give a good taste.


      Chidlom Roast Plant is the place that Barista can communicate with customers.

"I would like to let the coffee drinker knows real taste of coffee more than fashion. 

He can drink with love, passion in the taste of coffee.  Good coffee doesn't mean

expensive coffee.  It depends on the type of coffee, growing place, 

how much you have to roast, the combination of each coffee type and finally

the way to brew it."



      "At first I did only roasting plant because there are only 2 people. 

One day my friend paid a visit and recommended me to open a coffee place also. 

This can help me to have friend who would like to communicate about coffee. 

So I followed him."



      So Chidlom Roasting Plants is not an ordinary coffee place for generally

discussion or only for slow life.  But it is the area for coffee lover who falls in love with smell,

taste, story and knowledge.  All visitors will go back with friendship together with mellow coffee


     "I would like to make Chidlom Roasting Plant to be the learning place who deeply and

seriously interest in coffee.  This is included type of coffee, how to select good seed, roasting

and brewing. It is my pleasure to give recommendation with free of charge."



        Starting from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., time flies among coffee smell from the roasting plant.

We drink coffee from those who are both coffee roaster and barista. We knows coffee story in

details.  And we touch the friendship atmosphere.  Those who has the opportunity to pass

Road No. 4, this place is really recommended  " Chidlom Roasting Plant".



: call to Chidlom Roasting Plant  tel.08 1626 6644.