Kitties Peace, a Man who fall in love with music
issue 4 November 2016


    Everyone may have an experience of using a bloom as his guitar and imagine that he is a popular singer.

 Op is one of the boy who has a dream to have own guitar liked the other.



    "I knew that I love music since I was studying Pathom 6.  The first song that push me to play bloom guitar was from

"T album" of Mr. Kittiespeace srimahayun. At that time I don't know how to play guitar.  But I can play the correct melody. 

It may come from my dream that I wish I could play guitar."

    It may be the fate for a boy who has passion in music and wish to be a great man.  During summer time,

as other naughty boy he was sent to live with the Buddhist monk (with the hope that he will be better). 



    "Before living at the Buddhist temple, my brother taught 2 guitar courts to me.  Those courts were Cm and A. 

I felt it was miracle.  It made me feel liked I can touch the star.  Even it's so far away but I still can touch it. 

It was my first impression about guitar sound."



    However the monk had a good wish that I should learn the way to protect myself. So he sent me to the boxing camp.



    "At that time "Nai Kanom Tom" Thai drama was very popular. I believed this is one of the reason why I was here. 

The first day in boxing camp,I felt like I was listening guitar sound from their fighting.  I was cleared on my mind that

I didn't want to fight to anyone. I spent a night to think about this.  Tomorrow morning I ran away from the boxing camp

and went back to my home. I didn't care about all gossip.  But I did afraid that I might be sent back to the boxing camp again."





Story by : iYaLaKa

Photo by : Panudech Sutthaluang