Kanit Puttakoon, self-sufficient teacher
issue 4 December 2016


Under the mulberry's shade of 2 Rai area surrounds with rubber plantation,

I can't imagine whether mulberry will suite to the South and become one of the economic crops.



Kru Kanit Puttakoon (Kru means teacher), retired government teacher follows the concept of self-sufficient as the heir of agriculturist.  A combination of modern method and pass on knowledge, a new agriculture is happening.  




"I were born in the agriculturist family.  My family recognized the important of education.  They asked whether I would like to study or not.  Because my answer was 'Yes', they support me to do so.  Generally my generation would quit studying after they completed Pathom 4 (at that time Pathom included both primary and secondary level).  The  started working since then.  But I continued Pathom 5, 6, 7 and followed with Mathayom 1, 2 3 (Mathayom is high school level).  After that I continued studying as a teacher for 2 more years.  And I also studied in the area of physical education for another 2 years.  Finally I filled the government post as a teacher.  As I was one of the agriculturist, I worked both job at the same time.  When my age was closed to the retirement, I was looking for something to do.  So I prepared the land of 5 Rai to be ready for do something in order not to have much free time."





     Starting from my family's belief in the agriculture way plus the education opportunity from THE QUEEN SIRIKIT DEPARTMENT OF SERICULTURE

, they teach how to growth mulberry.  As Kru Kanit is the alternate agriculturist, he has no hesitate to do because it's another way to increase income .



" THE QUEEN SIRIKIT DEPARTMENT OF SERICULTURE provided supportive by giving 200 trees in total until today.  In order to have more income besides from rubber tree, they support the agriculturist to plant mulberry as another option.  It is required to do mulberry processing into product such as mulberry juice, yam, wine, preserve, tea"      



From 200 young plants in the beginning, it area is extended into 2 Rai.  The success in growing the plant comes from love and pay attention to deliver from hand to hand of agriculturist who interest.





  "This year THE QUEEN SIRIKIT DEPARTMENT OF SERICULTURE would like to promote agriculturist to have more income beside rubber tree.  Those who are interested can contact through your .....  They will contact me again.  The target is to grow 7,500 trees.  I didn't do it for sale.  I do it because I want to support agriculturist and on the other hand to support the provincial section also."




As the receiver in the beginning, they start learning and understanding how to grow the perfect plant.  It can be transform into many products under the THE QUEEN SIRIKIT DEPARTMENT OF SERICULTURE supervision.  Since I am starting from the learner, now I become a teacher who can educate who interest to grow mulberry on the land.



"Before my retirement, the wording of "self-sufficient agriculture" was mostly heard from the city and through television about the Royal Project.  Our King would like his people to live as self-sufficient.  After retirement I helped the school to do self-sufficient agriculture followed the Royal Project.  Then I started to understand more about self-sufficient agriculture. Later on I was sent to support a school in Nakornnayok which is one of the Royal Project.  By doing these, I learn more and feel more together with I'm the heir of agriculturist.  We live happily, not much worried and follow the self-sufficient economy of our King.  Even though it's not fully self-sufficient concept but  it's so closed.  We follow his step but not in a full format.  We adjust to our current living.  Right now there are 2 Rai of mulberry, 1 Rai of pond, 1 Rai of sweet leaf, 1 Rai of banana"







Everything is all about learning.  To follow the Royal words and adapt with own area is the way to become perfect agriculture more easily.  In Kru Kanit's opinion, beside being the agriculturist he also refers to the Buddhist principles.  He expresses his inner through the poem to be notified to public.






Story by :iYaLaKa ; Panudech Sutthaluang

Photo by : Chakorrn Choradol ; Supakorn Srijumnong