Street Art @ Ban Pong
issue 22 April 2017

Street Art @ Ban Pong



     70110 : Ban Pong Urban Art Terminal # 1 / 2017 By AT Exchange (Art Terminal Exchange) is the community art project for Ban Pong district where is located in Ratchaburee province. The aim of this project is to gain the artistic collaborations from inside and outside community in order to initiate local interest in the area of arts and culture, as we believe that arts can be possibly used as a significant tool to develop people and places. We desire to carry the responsibilities to create strong city’s values that are able to accent our history and at the same time build up positive future.

     We, AT Exchange (Art Terminal Exchange), will work with more than 40 local and international artists to offer arts synergy which falls into education activities, visual arts creation and recreation. The implementation can be seen in several categories such as photography, painting, graffiti, live performance, and music show.


     With our hopeful intention, our small community can understand the importance of cultural values and enjoy benefits from our project in many aspects.


    To briefly talk about Ban Pong district,
Ban Pong is small city situated by Mae Klong river. By car, it’s just 1.5 hour away from Bangkok. Although it is not tourist city, Ban Pong has its charm for having old-styled houses, making it famous for epic filming spot. The habitants have simple suburban lifestyles. People ride motorcycle, have dinner at the night market, and shop at flea market. Plenty of street foods make Ban Pong night so lively. The outstanding architectures are train station and Christian church where the city municipality preserves both of them as they were formerly constructed. Lives along the river show variety activities as river always influences people lifestyles.
Importantly, the influx of Chinese made Ban Pong the interesting combination of Siam and Chinese as you can see in houses, schools, shines, culture, people, foods, etc.