issue 5 August 2014



   Tambon Klongwan is one of the  Ampur in Prachuabkhirikhan. It is well known

among  visitors  who has ever visit   Wing 5 which is only 3-4 kilometers away from

Klongwan market. Difference type of food is a significant in each visiting place.


    The recommended thing for your first step here is to find a reasonable price of

accommodation. There is a lot of choice for your selection.  “Baan Suan Sinaree”

is one of the best selection if you are looking or real garden home, parking,

party area for 50 people.  The price is around 500-700 bath which is varies

according to season.  Beside that they have both bicycle and motorbike which

guest can use during their stay here.


      Klongwan market is a small market.  It is always give the impression for all visitors. 

As local food from each area is difference, Klongwan market has own local dishes. 

But the most recognition is the friendly among buyer and seller.  In the market,

you can find old style Thai coffee, vegetable, cooked food on the top of stream rice,

typical boiled rice with grilled pork However this market only available in the morning

time. If you are interested to visit, it is recommended to go in the early morning. 

Due to the market will be closed since late morning.






         Story by : Kingtaen Ruchanee..../ Photo by ....Dio