RuRueng @ Phetburi
issue 5 September 2014

          "I am mad."  This is what we heard from smiling face and laughing man.  Mr. Bunluesak Srichareon is the owner of “RuRueng@Phetburi Restaurant”.  This is the place which could offer you more than food.  When he was young, he heard many stories from his father.  When he grows up, he starts looking for old items.  He would like to keep it as collection due to personal interest.  One day he just realized that he need to display to everone.

          RuRueng @Phetburi is looked like a place to display Pee Bunluesak’s collection items.  However he knew that it’s not attractive enough.  So he decided to open this restaurant which presented the history of Phetchaburi.  He also bought old 100 years house from Damnuenkasem road, Phetchaburi.  The purpose is only to keep it display for Phetchaburi people. He got in by luck before being destroyed. The house was rebuilt as close as the original one.  Inside the house was decorated like in the old day.

          RuRueng@Phetburi  area is divided intotwo zones; 100 years old house and restaurant.  The display area is free of charge.  Visitors can enjoy looking around by no need to be the customer.  In the near future when the house is ready, he plan to use as a stage for all artists.

          In the corner of restaurant, there is a display area for his collection.  All of them can be touchable.  The only purpose of his investment is to make a connection between past and present.

          Moreover he has a plan to build a Thai small style house.  This is to form the farmer life style.  He would like to let young generation feel and touch the feeling of real farmer.

          One more amazing thing at RuRueng@Phetburi is that you can take free cooked rice.  When you order food with starting price of all menus is less than hundred baht.  And you can take free rice whether one dish or one pot.

          We believe in the madness of this guy as much as his faith in Phetchaburi people.  Whoever passes here, please be reminded to pay him a visit.  Ru Rueng@Phetburi is placed opposite Big C Phetchaburi, Road number 4.  Because this is a must thing that visitor should do.